David Smith

Building a Name

KVCC Dedications

The Marden family, having previously established the “Mickey Marden Memorial Scholarship”, sought to further assist students here at KVCC by contributing roughly 70% of the funding needed to create the “Harold ‘Mickey’ Marden Center for Student Success.”
Over the years Kennebec Valley Community College has sought ways to both thank and commemorate the generosity and commitment of some of its most ardent supporters. One way of showing its gratitude has take the form of dedications. Most of the Fairfield campus facilities have been named with this approach in mind.
The first building to be erected on KVCC’s first truly independent campus was named for its second Director, Bernard A. King. “Bernie” had passed away on a few years prior to the hall’s completion but his impact can still be felt today.
Donald V. Carter Hall
The Frye building was one of the two original buildings on site when the campus was first purchased. It was officially named and dedicated on November 29, 1989 in honor of one the school’s most dedicated and strongest supporters. Muriel P. Frye served on the schools advisory board for many years.
Frye Annex
The second building constructed on the Fairfield campus was posthumously named after State Representative Donald V. Carter. During his 24 years in the legislature he was a strong advocate of post-secondary technical education and a staunch supporter of the college.
Lunder Building
This annex was originally used as storage space for the Sheridan company from whom we purchased the property our campus now resides on. We have adapted the space a couple of times. It was the first location for the College Store but now serves as home to our café.
Whitney Trades and Technical Wing
The Whitney Wing was built as an addition to the Frye Building to house the trades that could not be moved from our space at either the Waterville High School or the Gilman Street campus when the “Sheridan Property” was first acquired. The wing was named after the school’s first director, Fred W. Whitney and was dedicated at the same time as the Frye Building itself.
Harold Marden Center for Student Success
Prior to the construction of the newest building on campus, Peter and Paula Lunder had already established an endowed scholarship. With further financial support for furnishing and décor the administration sought to honor the couple by naming the building after them.
Bernard A. King Hall
Muriel Frye Administration Building