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ten years of discovery

The choir's music can break down social and cultural barriers along with prejudice and racism according to its Musical Director, Aisling McCormick.

"The choir really speaks into those areas in society... Our motto is 'Discover Beauty in Everyone' and that is central to everything that we do and all the songs that we sing."
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"Home, is it a geographical place? Is it a physical place? It means something different for so many people."
This year, it is a decade since the multi-cultural choir was established.

Since then the choir have collected an impressive portfolio, singing with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Blind Boys of Alabama and Sinéad O'Connor and performing for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and Reverend Jesse Jackson.
In celebration of its 10th birthday, the choir will dance, sing and inspire an audience during a special concert, 'Home', at Christchurch Cathedral on Saturday night. They'll be joined on stage by special guests Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbu and the Norwegian Drøbak Gospel.
Philip said "we have music from the Arctic and we have music from the equator and then we are going to sing songs from everywhere in between. I hope we would offer something, as someone phrased recently, called Fresh Éire which is the New Ireland and celebrate that".

Tickets are available at entertainment.ie.
Founder Philip McKinley was among a group of Trinity Students and young asylum seekers that saw an opportunity in a dwindling congregation at St George's and St Thomas' Church when Irish society was rapidly changing in 2004.

"Services started and the choir sang at the first service," explained Philip. "That service was called 'Discovery'; so we called ourselves the Discovery Gospel Choir and the phone hasn't stopped ringing since then".
Today, the choir has a diverse membership, with its members coming from the likes of Hungary, India, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

"We have 17 different nationalities in the choir and that is not just because it is an interesting project or something interesting to do actually, it is about stepping outside of ourselves, stepping outside of our own cultural comfort zones", said Philip.
Tucked into the middle of Cathal Brugha Street in Dublin City Centre, St George's and St Thomas' Church is home of the Discovery Gospel Choir.

30 singers with 17 different nationalities perform here every third Sunday promoting their motto 'Discover Beauty in Everyone' by combining Gospel music from all over the world.
Those wishing to donate towards the album can do so here:

But that is not all. With the help of the public, the choir hope to release its second album this year. Through an online campaign, Aisling hopes people will donate towards the new album which will feature one instrument, the voice.

"We thought for our ten year anniversary it would be great if everyone was involved and all our fans could have an opportunity to have their mark on the album."