David L Griffin

Antarctica Spring

December 2013

Why black and white? I started as a newspaper photographer when color was rare, and I moved to editing and design before ever fully developing an eye for it. I love great color photography far too much to devalue it with my own work.
The staff told the passengers that many come to "The White Continent" for the animals, but those who return come for the ice. Every piece was a floating sculpture, each unique and ever changing. I saw enough penguins for a lifetime, I will die never sating my fascination with the ice.
It was spring in the Southern Hemisphere and we witnessed penguin chicks hatching. A pod of orcas paced the ship, before slipping away, their tall dorsal fins like the conning tower of an organic submarine.
It was 4 a.m., we had finished crossing the Drake Passage (which was uncharacteristically calm), I opened our porthole and saw blue ice floating by. When I got on deck, we were running past the breathtaking slab (above). Scale is hard to gauge on the water, but this looked to be a quarter of a mile wide. This iceberg greeted us to a world of ice and animals which we would experience over the next week aboard the Nat Geo/Linblad "Explorer." Words fail me, hopefully the photos do not.