Mike Davis

Men of Steel & Natalie

They craft bicycles with their hands

This is a bit of a time capsule, a snapshot of most of the people who we're making bikes by hand in Portland, Oregon, in the mid- to late-ots. They're a special lot and I miss spending time with them immensely.
I've since moved from Portland to become the Alexia Chair for Documentary Photography at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University. I teach photography and run the Alexia Foundation Grants.
Phillip Ross and James Nichols. Metrofiets Cargo Bikes
Matt Cardinal and Nate Meschke. Signal Cycles.
Jordan Hufnagel
Chris King. Cielo Cycles
Aaron Hayes. Courage Cycles
Dave Levy. Ticycles
Mark Simmons. Belladonna Cycles
Natalie Ramsland. Sweetpea Bicycles
Jon Littleford.
Robert Tsunehiro
Edwin Brown. Sprout Bicycles
Joseph Ahearne.
Ira Ryan
Tony Batchellor. Tonic Fabrication
Sean Chaney. Vertigo Bicycles
Mitch Pryor. MAP Bicycles
Tony Pereira
Jonathan Reed. Quixote Cycles
Greg Morris. Milholland Bicycles