Sarrel Studios

Paradise Abandoned

A glimpse into Spain's lost future

With the demonic soundtrack of reeds scratching on brickwork, through an unmarked, pitch black stairwell we gained access to one of the flat blocks. Anything of value had been ripped out giving the place a post-apocalyptic air.

A few birds had nested amongst destruction and would occasionally take flight from unseen corners. We quickly became as skittish as the cats.
When the financial crisis struck, building stopped. Now - five years on - nature has started to reclaim what could have been.

All over Spain developments lie abandoned, this is a glimpse into one of those forgotten.
Desolation and the metallic groan of the huge rusty billboard in the breeze. This place was a collection of seven large blocks, set some distance from other existing inhabited blocks. It would seem that one day, years ago, the decision was made and work stopped, the workers took their tools, but everything else remained.

The only sign of habitation was the occasional skittish cat and the empty sacks of cat food left by a compassionate local.
The properties were clearly in the final stages of construction. Wires were labelled, windows were laid out ready for installation. Tucked between the mountains and the sea this would have been a highly desirable spot. Premium materials were used in the finish of these properties, but after years open to the elements, much had started to crumble and fade. Costly stacks of tiles and other building materials lay strewn about, despite opportunists taking anything they could carry.

Standing on the balcony you could feel what life would have been like for the phantom owners. The golf course behind was still maintained but seemingly unused, further adding to the haunting serenity in this place. We returned later that afternoon.
During our search, we came across many neglected places: An empty casino - under guard; poolside homes - watched over by the last elderly resident and his pack of dogs; and an unfinished finca - where we were chased away by the haggard, beardy men squatting there.

Finally, we we came upon this place.
We made one final visit later that night. It was now deathly still, lit only by moonlight. Blocked by its pure darkness we couldn't enter. This place was no longer for people.